Gearbooker: The Airbnb for creatives!

This week we highlight the platform of our friends at, a super handy website where you can rent photo, video, audio material, as well as other electronic and creative equipment from other creatives in your neighborhood.

I’m sure you’ll recognize this as a creative : You prefer to try out equipment before buying it. Or you just need it for a one-time job. And to buy that kind of pricey gear just for the occasion..

Or another example: you have probably also your own equipment that secretly often remains unused in your bag or closet. That’s a pity, though. If only there was an easy and safe way to make that money. Gearbooker can then be a godsend. In this article we explain how it works, and how you as a PICSMENTOR user can get a discount on your first rent.

Meet other creatives

This Airbnb-like sharing platform will be right with you, as an enthusiastic user at PICSMENTOR. Content makers and other creatives rent and lease their gear on Gearbooker. You can rent cameras, lenses, drones, gimbals but also beamers, VR glasses and even musical instruments or audio equipment. Because the platform has been active in Belgium and the Netherlands for several years, you will find a very wide range of gear at more than 5000 locations throughout the region.

At the bottom of this blog you can read how PICSMENTOR users can temporarily benefit from it with 10 euro rental credit.

Affordable and social

As a renter at Gearbooker, you’ll often be able to find cameras and lenses in your own neighbourhood rather than at a commercial rental company that can often only be found in a few major cities. Where they also can’t provide the right stuff on dates when you need it.

Moreover, there is a good chance that renting on Gearbooker is also cheaper than with regular rental companies. Owners set their own rental prices on Gearbooker and these are often lower because it’s not their main income but a ‘side revenue’’.

Of course there is also the social aspect: you meet other creators around you. These contacts expand your creative network. We have already seen on more than one occasion that new collaborations and assignments come out of it.

Is my equipment safe?

Yes, it is. Gearbooker has made sure that you can rent out and rent with no worries on your mind about this. An insurer is linked that insures all transactions at the replacement value of the item. This instead of the usual (and often disappointing) ‘daily value’: if something annoying happens, you can at least buy something equivalent. Gearbooker has also built in a number of advanced safety options that further enhance mutual trust. Think of a thorough background check of all owners, a review system for renter and owner and a link to social media accounts. ID cards are also checked. Did you know that by now more than 95% of users rate their experiences with at least 4.5 stars of 5 stars? That does mean something.

How does it work?

If you want to start renting out your equipment, first create an account on the platform. The system will then help you on your way with the creation of your ‘listings’: photos, category, brand and rental prices are already automatically submitted.

If subsequently a renter reports, you as the owner will be notified immediately. The owner then has control. Only after acceptance by you as owner and after payment by the renter you have a deal together. If you don’t like the rent for whatever reason or the period just doesn’t come out, you can easily cancel.

How much can I earn with renting out?On the website there is a calculation tool. For equipment with a total value of 3000€ that is rented out 5 times a month, you could earn around 2500€ annually. Not that bad, is it?

With such an amount, you can regularly buy something new for your gear collection.

To what extent this is a realistic example depends of course on how much interest there is in your equipment and how often you can accept your requests. But a quick calculation shows that it is indeed possible. The platform gives you useful tips on how to stimulate your own rental, for example by offering a discount to people who come to rent for the first time. You can even integrate your rental offer into your own website, so that everyone who visits your website is immediately aware of what you rent out!

Built-in shipping service

Should the owner of that one lens or camera live a little further away, Gearbooker offers a handy built-in shipping option. This makes renting just as easy as online shopping and you’re no longer dependent on what’s on offer in your immediate vicinity. Definitely worth a try.

More information can be found on

Action for the users of PICSMENTOR

When you’re a PICSMENTOR user, Gearbooker now offers a temporary introductory offer: you will receive 10 euros free rental credit. Start your account via this link and you will receive € 5,- start credit immediately. If you then send an email to Gearbooker mentioning this blog, they will increase this credit to € 10,-.