The Wednesday Shot – LOST IN TRANSLATION

At the Macau Museum of Art, Annie Wang is inking Chinese ideograms. Well, at first glance at least… because, in reality, these are English words, in our western alphabet. Look very closely and you will recognize they, at, home, come

This is the work of the artist Xu Bing, coaxing us towards a reflection on the essence and appearance of what is written. Me, I see the symbol of Macau in this hybrid writing, revealing how a former Portuguese trading post in China blends cultures in architecture, cuisine, literature, art and love. And as in Xu Bing’s calligraphy, we sometimes get lost in the interpretation of the signs.

 – Philippe Graton

The Wednesday Shot - LOST IN TRANSLATION
Macau Museum of Art, November 2017. ©Philippe Graton

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The Wednesday Shot - LOST IN TRANSLATION