The Wednesday Shot – The Horizon, Philippe Gildas, Africa and a Victory

Every Wednesday, Philippe Graton goes back over one of his images, bringing together his love of photography and his love of writing. A unique opportunity to admire the combined talents of a photographer with a long career.

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Like, really far!

Far away like a memory, like a photographed instant, like a sigh; far like the stars, far like someone you miss, like a perfume, far away like a dream, far like lips, far like hope, like where you never get to, far like Peru, like the horizon, like childhood.

Like, really far! Far like you can yell out at the top of your lungs. Too far to hear.

Malmö, Sweden, 2014. Photo © Philippe Graton.

Philippe Gildas

Ilness has swept away Philippe Gildas, inventor of infotainment, but mainly the last TV presenter duly admired for his novel ideas, his rigor and his elegance.
I was lucky enough to work with him and to photograph him while on the set of his show “Nulle Part Ailleurs” (“Nowhere Else”) when my book on Jean-Claude Van Damme came out.

Philippe Gildas was one of the rare show hosts who, before talking about a book, would read it from cover to cover. Brilliant, respectful and with ever the watchful eye, he always looked to entertain while taking both guests and TV viewers to a higher level.
To have known a professional of this class makes current French talk shows simply unbearable. Philippe Gildas, you will continue to be sorely missed.

Philippe Gildas, Jean-Claude Van Damme & Antoine de Caunes, Nulle Part Ailleurs, Canal+ Studios, Paris 1993. Photo © Philippe Graton.

Write me from Africa

Write me from Africa. On the road or the track, from the sands or the savannah, from Casa or Nouakchott, from Bobo or Agadez, sand in your hair, parched lips, fingers black with grease, at the time of day when the women are cooking and the monkeys are flying, sit down a sec and write me from Africa ; eight to ten pages a day, no more, that would be fine.

Arthur and the thief monkey, Kenya, 2006. Photo © Philippe Graton.


Sacha Fenestraz, the young 19-year-old Franco-Argentinian driver has just competed in the Macau Grand Prix behind the wheel of a Vaillante F3, just like in the comic book. And, just as in the comics, he put himself up on the podium following an exceptional, masterful race.

No less, after the terrifyingly spectacular accident of a young lady driver, whose F3 took off through the air at over 200 km/h…just like in the comics !

These incredible similarities between scenarios that my accomplice Denis Lapière and I are writing for the new Michel Vaillant series are stupefying. As was already the case in the previous episode, Rebellion. Before putting our pen on the paper again, we’ll think twice.

Sacha Fenestraz and the Vaillante F3, Macau Grand Prix 2017. Photo © Philippe Graton

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