What Happens When you Send 10 Disposable Cameras Around the World?

Analog camera fun must never perish!

What happens when you send 10 disposable cameras to your friends and family around the world? According to artist Jamaal Davies who lived through the experience, “It was one of the happiest things in the world.” 

Davies was stuck in a sedentary life in Chicago and felt the need to know what was going on in the four corners of the planet. He used the money from his first paycheck at a new job to buy 10 cameras, send them to creative friends and family that inspired him and waited for their responses.

Davies told I-D magazine, “The first ten cameras went to my homey who was DJing and going to NYU, and another homey who was working at an art gallery in Chicago. One went to India, and I sent one back home to Guyana. I would reach out to the people I knew that were kind of moving around. Initially, I wanted it to be like I could move around and go to all of these places, but that wasn’t possible. I gave people instructions. I was like, “If I give people this camera, I don’t know if they’re gonna know what to do.” So I typed up a packet and got a label maker, started labeling these cameras and packaging them out and then nothing. I was like, “Nothing’s happening.” I was living at home at this point and I got home one day and my mother was like, ‘There are 10 cameras on the front step for you.”

The result is playful and infused with young liberty. The photos reflect the energy of each place, whether it’s Eritrea or California. To see the full series, visit https://diaryofdisposables.us/

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What Happens When you Send 10 Disposable Cameras Around the World?