No need for fancy gear, a disposable camera and a good eye is all you need

The founder of the American magazine Indoek gave a disposable camera to around thirty photographers.
 All the equipment in the world will never replace the most important things for a photographer: the eyes. On January 12th, Think Tank Gallery of Los Angeles opened 27 Frames, a project which gathers photos made with disposable cameras. If these small devices remind you of your childhood and your piles of failed photos, the exhibition shows that it is possible to realize images with little.
Due to its practical size and moderate cost, the disposable camera can be taken in unusual places and allows to take more risks. Its playful character offers a more instinctive relationship to the photography, a kind of total abandonment of the technique to concentrate only on the subject and the frame.

Matt Titane – founder of the magazine Indoek – had the idea to launch this project of disposable camera with thirty professional photographers and told them “to let go”. Surfboards in the big spaces which transport us under the sun of the American west coast, here is a project to be discovered in images.

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