Mentor Series: Vietnam 2016

“We started off at the city’s vibrant vegetable and flower market, where Hanoi’s narrow streets and passed thru businesses and families cooking with makeshift sidewalk burners, sitting on low-slung red plastic chairs.Vietnam was a most hospitable country to photograph, with only the occasional face hider. Much grooming happens on Hanoi’s streets, from impromptu haircuts, earwax extractions, and toe-clip pedicures, and we were welcome to shoot nearly all of it. Rowed in sampans in Ninh Binh Province, we explored tributaries facing steep cliffs, cave tunnels demanding that we duck deeply to protect our Nikons and our skulls, and in late afternoon the Van Long Natural Reserve (…)” Fred Bierman

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Mentor Series : Vietnam 2016

Discover a beautiful set of pictures taken in Vietnam.

A set of pictures that show the open-mindedness of the people of Hanoi, who are not reluctant on being photographed. The photographers explored steep cliffs, cave tunnels, observed entire families working rice paddies, and saw the Mekong Delta.

A set of pictures, and article by Fred Bierman, that reminds people of a condensed travel diary, and that will make you want to venture out to the small villages in the lost provinces of Vietnam, rent a bike and pack nothing but a camera.