Human Trafficking in Libya by Narciso Contreras

Due to its proximity to the Italian coasts, in the race towards Europe for Arab and African migrants fleeing the violence of their countries, Libya also represents a ruthless trap that closes in on these hungry men and women.
Exhausted after a long journey, the refugees are in constant fear of being robbed by smugglers who do not hesitate to kidnap and resell them for less than 500 euros in slave markets. Imprisoned and enslaved.
They are locked up in farms, houses, and warehouses where they are subjected to physical (organ trafficking) and sexual (prostitution) abuse, and have to work endlessly in fields and construction sites, etc.

According to the United Nations, nearly 15,000 migrants are reportedly detained in the country – abandoned to militias, traffickers and the military – a hub of human trafficking.

For almost three months, Mexican photographer Narciso Contreras documented the plight of these people, ignored by all, far from their countries and so close to their destination, deprived of all freedom and reduced to slavery.

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