A new dawn: 19th-century photography awakens – in pictures

From majestic Alpine scenes to expressive portraits, a new exhibition shows off the wide-eyed wonder of 19th-century photographers

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Photography, as for many important art forms, dates back to long ago… more precisely up to two centuries ago.

In this set of carefully chosen photographs, explore the different manifestations of photography during the XIXth century.

Henry Fox Talbot’s calotype photography, consisting in the use of salted paper to allow many copies to be made from negatives, the first ever photograph of the Statue of the Plain in Thebes, Beer Bottle Sculptures in 1855, documentary-style images depicting Egyptians crocodile-hunting, carbon print reproductions… Take a look at shots captured long before people took photographs for granted, taking 3 dozen photographs of every merely-interesting object or place they bumped into. Interesting techniques, angles of view and poses.