A look at the limited edition WWF preset 

VSCO Launched Limited Edition World Wildlife Fund 

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“To photograph nature is pure, to give back in the process is supreme.“—Partnering up with Apple and WWF, VSCO is aiming to promote sustainability and conserve nature. VSCO, also called VSCO CAM, is a photography app that enables the user to create an account and upload or take pictures, edit and add filters, and share them with other users on other social media. They also sell presets (filter collections for editing), such as this one, that constitutes one of VSCO’s latest creations, meant to elevate landscape and wildlife photography.

VSCO’s preset allowed the lucky buyers who purchased the limited edition (available until April 24th) to enhance the lights and colors of natural photography. 100% of the proceeds of the purchase went to WWF, thus allowing the founders to help bring awareness to the cause.

An amazing set of clichés to look at.