Undergrowth and Autumn Colours….

With its bright colours, autumn is the perfect time to take pictures. Nature wears its most beautiful coat and the sun’s rays caress the leaves of the golden trees. An explosion of colors that inspires many photographers. Some destinations such as Quebec and its Indian summer offer a grandiose and rich setting for the photographer!

1 – Play with the light

Perhaps even more than usual, light is a crucial element in taking your autumn photos. A clear sky will certainly offer you great opportunities, but the light you will want to ” hunt ” is especially the one you will find during the golden hour! You know those two times of the day when the sun is low in the sky? The colors warm up and the shadows stretch out to give a magical atmosphere to your shots.

“An overcast sky allows a very interesting diffusion of ambient light”

Undergrowth and Autumn Colours....

2 – Take advantage of a cloudy sky

While it is true that a beautiful clear sky allows you to enjoy beautiful lights, in autumn, the sky can also be grey and overcast with thick clouds above our heads. This is no reason to stay in a hotel: quite the contrary! An overcast sky allows a very interesting diffusion of ambient light for your shots. This is especially true during these moments following a rainfall. The same applies to the mist, which should not be avoided, but rather used: it will give a unique atmosphere to your shots.

“Apply the classic rules of landscape photography”

Undergrowth and Autumn Colours....

3 – Work on your composition

The colors in the fall are splendid. You are not the only one who has noticed it! To stand out, you will have to be original! Beautiful colors are not enough to make a beautiful picture. Take care of your composition and framing. Apply the classic rules of landscape photography: rule of thirds, use of lines and curves, use of all the layers of your photo, etc. Forests or undergrowth can be quite complicated subjects to discuss. It is difficult to “read” the landscape. Set landmarks: tree tops, a road, a stream, a bush or a rock near you, etc.

“Autumn is an ideal time to practice macro!”

Undergrowth and Autumn Colours....

4 – A very good opportunity to do macro photography.

Autumn is an ideal time to practice macro! Dead leaves, small insects, fungi, spider webs, textures, etc. The subjects are numerous, varied, often visually interesting and you will have no difficulty in highlighting them surrounded by the bright fall colors. So if you have a macro lens, don’t miss it! As long as the wind does not blow too strong of course…

“If you have a polarizing filter, use it!”

Undergrowth and Autumn Colours....

5 – Make the colors pop

Red, yellow, orange, nature in the fall is an explosion of colors! No way these will appear dull on your photos. If you are shooting in JPEG format, consider slightly increasing the contrast and brightness of the colors directly in your camera settings. If you have a polarizing filter, use it! Not only will it remove visible reflections from tree leaves or water surfaces, but it will also enhance the colors of your images!

Undergrowth and Autumn Colours....

6 – Check your white balance

Do not leave your white balance in automatic mode. You would risk obtaining photos that are too cold and that look unnatural compared to reality. Prefer a custom setting, by increasing the Kelvin temperature or by selecting the “cloudy” mode. This will give you images with softer, warmer tones.

“Do not leave your white balance in automatic mode.”

Undergrowth and Autumn Colours....

7 – Combine the complementary colors

Another very effective way to revitalize your shots is to combine complementary colors on the same image. Thanks to this combination of colors, you will photograph a natural contrast that will make it easier to read the image. To take an example, the golden colors of autumn in general blend very well with the intense blue of the sky or a lake. Another possibility is that at the very beginning of the season, a red leaf will stand out particularly well if it is surrounded by other leaves that are still green.

Undergrowth and Autumn Colours....