Introductory class for beginners  | THE PHOTO ACADEMY | LONDON

Learn photography with the first international centre for photography courses. Photo classes in small group to photograph better! A recognized method since 2011 from Paris to New York.

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Many people have always felt drawn to photography. Black and white photography, portraits, low-light, street photo… Yet they have never taken the time to learn.

To become a photographer, or have the chance to pursue it as a hobby, you need to go through the basics first. But no need to worry! With us the basics can be very fun, and condensed in only four workshops, so you can move on to the specialty that interests you the most, or to taking successful photos by yourself, right after.
With this introductory class, you will learn about your camera settings, depth of field and aperture, shutter speed and movement, and finally light and focus. These workshops will enable you to feel comfortable with your camera in hand, capture shots of the people you love, your surroundings, the cities you visit…

Very enriching classes to anyone wanting to quit the manual mode of their camera and become more of a “pro”!


Classes in London, New York, Montreal, Helsinki, Paris, Brussels and more!

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