The Two Lives of Olivia Poncelet

Being freelance is far from easy, and it is not uncommon to see photographers accumulating activities. Ideally, these activities should feed on each other. This is the case of Olivia Poncelet who, in addition to being a wedding photographer, is the creator of a blog dedicated to fashion and beauty...

On Instagram, you introduce yourself as a fashion blogger and wedding photographer. How did you start photography?

I never imagined being a photographer, however, I always loved images and very early I projected myself as a blogger.
I studied advertising at the C.A.D. in Brussels, with an option in Art Direction where I learned, amongst other things, communication through images.
As part of these studies, one of my projects was to produce a series of 5 photos to present to the jury. It was one of my favourite projects, especially for the staging aspect.

“These few courses at THE PHOTO ACADEMY gave me clear answers.”

I seriously started photography when I launched my blog in 2014. So, as I really needed some technical skills, I took some courses at THE PHOTO ACADEMY.

©Olivia Poncelet

What did your courses at THE PHOTO ACADEMY bring you?

When I launched my blog, I had very specific technical questions to be able to take the photos I wanted to publish.
These few courses at THE PHOTO ACADEMY gave me clear answers. These courses have really made it much easier for me to practice photography than if I had to do it alone.

“I see my blog like a diary, in which I can interact with others.”

What is a blogger’s job?

My activity as a fashion blogger consists of sharing new products, inspirational looks, trends, with my community every day.
I also share my tastes for dancing, travelling, etc. all through “Olivia’s eyes”.
I see my blog like a diary, in which I can interact with others. I really enjoy talking with people from all over the world.

©Olivia Poncelet

Do your two activities feed on each other, or are they completely separated?

These two activities obviously feed and complete each other.
While weddings influence and inspire me for the photos I take for my blog (atmosphere, decoration,…), the fact of staging products for brands, posing myself for the blog, etc… teaches me a lot of things for my wedding stories.

“Enhancing reality is my passion!”

You have a strong social media presence. Do you have any advice for those who would like to grow their Instagram?

Post every day, interact with your community, publish quality content and never stop 🙂

©Olivia Poncelet

Which aspects of your two jobs do you prefer?

Being independent, the creative side, capturing only beautiful things and beautiful moments.
Enhancing reality is my passion!

“I love capturing moments of happiness and emotion.”

Why did you specialize in wedding photography?

Being quite romantic and attracted by the soft, positive, sunny atmospheres, … I specialized quite naturally in wedding photography.
I love capturing moments of happiness and emotion. But also, the beautiful clothes, the hairstyles, the decoration, the magnificent environments…
It all fits my character, my universe and my style.

“Contrary to popular belief, a wedding photographer is far from being hidden behind his camera!”

©Olivia Poncelet

What do you think are the essential qualities to be a wedding photographer?

In my opinion, you have to be perfectionist, creative, and passionate, smile and know how to put people at ease without being too friendly either.
You also need to be able to show a certain authority: lead hundreds of people to take group photos for example. This can’ t be done if you don’t impose yourself.

“The most important thing is to do it with passion, a lot of energy and hard work.”

Be discreet, but not shy. Contrary to popular belief, a wedding photographer is far from being hidden behind his camera!
Finally an important quality, to be sporty (the reportage often last 14 hours, without breaks, being everywhere at once which means running from one place to another).

©Olivia Poncelet

Where do you find your inspiration?

I spent my childhood and adolescence collecting fashion pictures and ads in magazines before moving to the web.
Movies, music, commercials, fashion shows, trips: all of this is a source of inspiration!

“Building a community takes time, even years.”

©Olivia Poncelet

What advice would you give to those who would like to create their own blog?

The most important thing is to do it with passion, a lot of energy and hard work.
There is never a break, no weekend, no holidays, you have to be present non-stop.
And don’t wait for an immediate result. Building a community takes time, even years.
But what a joy to see your project grow every day!

Do you have any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

I have beautiful projects in sight but I prefer not to speak about them (superstition :D).

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