Real Surreal: Masterpieces of Avant-Garde Photography- Museum Bellerive, Zurich, Switzerland

Avant-garde photographs seem like pictures from a dream world. From new kinds of compositions and perspectives to photomontage, technical experiments, and staged scenes, Real Surreal offers a chance to rediscover the range and multifacetedness of photography between the real and the surreal.

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The exhibition goes through different movements : The New Vision movement in Germany, Surrealism in France, and the avant-garde in Prague.

The 220 photographs were all taken between 1920 and 1950  by renowned photographers, and a set of historical photography books and magazines are part of the exhibition too, allowing the visitors to discover this new perception of the world. Carefully picked films also establish a link between avant-garde photography and cinema during this time.

The photographs clearly make visitors think of visions, or of a dream world.

Exhibition in Zurich, Switzerland until July 24th