Hopper Meditations by Richard Tuschman

A photographer's personal response to Edward Hopper

When photography first appeared, it was not taken seriously by the artistic community.. In 1862, a petition was even launched against it and signed, among others, by Ingres.

Today, the status of photography as an art is no longer a subject of debate, and it often collaborates and is inspired by painting.

©Richard Tuschman

More than a simple inspiration, it is a tribute that the photographer Richard Tuschman wanted to pay to the American painter Edward Hopper with his series Hopper Meditations.

“I have always loved the way Hopper’s paintings, with an economy of means, are able to address some of the psychological mysteries and complexities of the human condition.” he explains in to Peta Pixel

©Richard Tuschman

Richard creates his images by digitally associating mini-sets built by himself, and models photographed separately.

©Richard Tuschman

Thanks to his knowledge and attention to detail, Richard recreates the melancholic atmosphere typical of Hopper’s paintings.

“I love the physical presence of paintings, but for me, more than any other medium, photography is unsurpassed at describing and emphasizing the visual richness of our physical world; its poetry and its subtlety.”

©Richard Tuschman

Richard has been experimenting with digital imaging since the 1990s and has developed a style that combines his passions for photography, painting and assemblage.

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