What Would You Do if You Could Only Take One More Photo?

“Do you think it matters as much as it used to? Y’know, taking a photo?”

In this short film by Niels Windfeldt, two photographers contemplate the idea “What would I do if I had only one day left to take a final photo ?” and the results are really interesting.

“When do you know the moment is right?”

“You don’t but maybe that’s what makes it so special.”

As said in the film, there is a type of obsession with photography. There’s a need to be absolutely perfect as people try and create the “right moment”. It’s the same as the need to have the perfect aesthetic and the most followers on social media. The film follows the photographers deciphering what they would choose as their last. Would it be an interesting building? A landscape? Maybe someone special?

“If we can try and find a way to live without the camera being a distraction, y’know, getting in the way of seeing clearly…maybe that’s how we’ll find our last frame”

What adds to it is that the film itself was shot on 16mm film! So, it goes all the way to showcase the beauty of the medium. Windfeldt’s film is a beautiful homage to analog photography as well as the time and thought that regularly goes into it. It definitely gets you thinking about what you would choose and how.

What Would You Do if You Could Only Take One More Photo?