Vacuum Sealed Couples Symbolize Love

The nuances of lubed up, vacuumed sealed love

The joys of love is not the first thought that arrives whilst looking at Photographer Hal’s photos. His subjects are covered in lube, vacuumed sealed, and appearing nearly suffocated. However, according to the artist, he is a hopeless romantic who is obsessed with the idea of adhering and unifying couples by creating such physical closeness. His ideal romance is based on the idea of harmony; an intense oneness that cannot be broken. He states, “for me, the vacuum pack is only a means: the important thing is connecting each other.” Upon explaining his work, Haruhiko Kawaguchi contemplates why he is so drawn to love: “I think love is the most important thing on the earth. To express the power of love, I decided to choose couples as subjects. Men and women are attracted to each other and try to become one. This fundamental desire carries an energy that affects all matter in the world. I wonder what is the reason we have to make such an effort to become one. Possibly we were originally one.”

For me, the vacuum pack is only a means: the important thing is connecting each other

At the start of Flesh Love Returns, Kawaguchi placed sealed couples against a monochromatic background. Searching for more depth to the project, he decided to place them in spaces that had special meaning. This gave a chance for the couples to become more intimate, adding another dimension to his work. Kawaguchi has explored this subject to the tune of over 400 subjects. Sadly, he still hasn’t found his love. “Someday, I hope to find my love, and together be in a vacuum-sealed bag too.”

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