Unexpected Friendships Between Animals And Their Humans

They say that pets and their owners tend to reflect each other, and if that’s the case, the pet owners featured in Diana Bagnoli’s “Animal Lover” might be some of the most interesting individuals on the planet.

“Animal Lover” was published by The Washington Post’s photography spotlight In Sight after an open call for submissions of potential essays. Out of over 200 submissions, Bagnoli’s work was one of the three winning selections.

Bagnoli, an Italian freelance photographer, said the series began as a personal project but gradually developed into something more. At the core of the series is its subjects, unusual pets and their owners:

“I wanted to explore the special relationship that people establish with what I would call ‘unusual pets.’ I had a feeling that I would discover interesting situations and be able to document how someone can be involved in a different kind of friendship,” she told the Post.

Bagnoli chooses to photograph her subjects in the comfort of their own homes across the countryside of northern Italy near her native Turin, with the images reflecting the pet’s connection to the world of their owner. The result is a sentimental visual treatise on what it means to love and care for an animal.

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