Under-Bikes by Andrius Burba

“Last two years, I spend all my time to photograph things from underneath. The most difficult project was Under-horse, also I did Under-cats, and Under-dogs. This time I decided to photograph bicycles from underneath.

I didn’t think of this project myself – it was suggested by the bike shop owner in Groningen, Netherlands. First thought that popped to my head was that I have never really seen a bicycle from underneath and well, that might be actually interesting. After giving it some though I have packed all the equipment, got on a plane and flew from Lithuania to the Netherlands.

In the beginning I had no idea if it will be interesting or not. It was going to be my first project where I would be capturing an everyday item instead of an alive animal like in my previous projects. But in the end not only the pictures turned out to be very interesting but also the photoshoot itself was nothing like before.”

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