Yoshinori Mizutani: Tokyo Parrots

Yoshinori Mizutani's Hitchcock experience in Tokyo.

Yoshinori Mizutani went on a walk in his Shibuya neighborhood in Tokyo and found a scene to behold; flocks of parrots had congregated in trees in one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Native to India and Sri Lanka, the birds are interlopers in Tokyo.  They also make brilliant subjects for color photography! 

Mizutani explains, “When I saw an immense flock of parrots — several hundred birds at once — I was very scared. It was like I had fallen into the movie The Birds directed by Hitchcock.

The birds in these photos were brought to Japan as pets from the tropics in the 1970s, and went feral, settling in Tokyo.

Parrots should not be in Tokyo.

I was shocked by this strange spectacle, felt uncomfortable, and continued taking photographs.”

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