Pete Thorne- Canada’s Chubby Cats

Who doesn't love a chubby cat?

It is nearing the end of February and we need something to lighten things up around here! What better way to relieve stress than waste time looking at fat cats on the internet?

The friendly northern country, Canada, has produced a photographer who is obsessed with fat cats. Not surprising since they have insanely cold winters and need all the cuddles they can get to stay warm.

Pete Thorn finished a series of aging dogs called Old Faithful, and felt blue after capturing so many animals near the end of their lives. He needed something more upbeat to focus on, strangely he chose fat cats. He launched a public call for overweight house cats and was quickly drenched in responses.

Once the photoshoots started, he immediately ran into disastrous situations in his studio. He needed to come up with a solution, quickly. “They’re completely frazzled from the ride over here — they probably think they’re going to the vet or something,” says Thorne. “I realized, talking to these owners, cats are really only comfortable in their own environment.”
The photoshoots moved to the cats’ homes and adorable photos were made. Even photographing cute cats is still work! “They’re definitely difficult. They’ll decide if they want to come hang out or not,” laments Thorne