Witness to Beauty: Reliving Family Photos

Family dynamics and the effects of age on women’s bodies.

“Why would anyone be interested in us?” was the reaction Sage Sohier received from her mother, a fashion model in a previous life, when she pitched her idea for a photo project.

Ms Morgan, accustomed to working with world class photographers such as Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, and Horst, nevertheless accepted to pose for, and with, her daughters in a captivating series dealing with issues as diverse as family dynamics and the effects of age on women’s bodies.

Sage Sohier set out to recreate family photographs from her childhood using the same cast, though they had become very different people by then.

In her book, Witness to Beauty recently published by Kehrer Verlag, Sage Sohier posed along with her sister and mother in front of her tripod mounted camera. Together, in the 2000s, they reenacted family portraits from the family’s early years.

While the daughters figures showed the natural impact of time passing, the mother, having undergone plastic surgery, seemed less affected by the aging process. “At some point we look older than her. She doesn’t age. We age, but she doesn’t.”

The project came to a close when the former model grew displeased with her appearance in the images. Respecting her mother’s concerns, Ms Sohier put an end to the series and compiled a book, a fascinating tribute to family relations.

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