Senior Love Triangle by Isadora Kosofsky

A photographic series questioning intimacy and aging, as well as the universal nature of love and monogamy.

Created in Los Angeles, Senior Love Triangle documents three elderly people in a romantic conflict.
Jeanie, 81, and Adina, 90, share William, 84, as a partner and companion, often spending time together.

Jeanie embraces Will, while they sit at the bus stop, as Adina stands beside them in East Hollywood. © Isadora Kosofsky

In his late 70s, Will started a relationship with Adina. Then Will moved to another retirement home where he fell in love with Jeanie. Since Will didn’t want to choose between Jeanie and Adina, they formed a trio.
While contradicting socio-cultural norms about the elderly, the link between Jeanie, Will and Adina also reveals ageless needs, anxieties and contradictions.

Standing in her apartment at the retirement home, Jeanie prepares to meet Will and Adina.
© Isadora Kosofsky

The famous documentary photographer Isadora Kosofsky met Jeanie, Will and Adina when she was 17 years old. She photographs their moments of adventure, desire and loneliness with empathy, and has done so for years.

Isadora Kosofsky talked about her relationship to this love triangle during a TED talk.

Senior Love Triangle is considered a revolutionary visual work on intimacy and aging, questioning the universal nature of love and monogamy.

Jeanie rests her head on Will, as they recline on his bed. © Isadora Kosofsky

The Senior Love Triangle book, published by Kehrer, is available for pre-order here.