The Secret Life of Lego, by Julien Ballester

For 2 years, Julien Ballester has been staging Lego figurines in a wide variety of environments. Whether in his Parisian apartment or in the countries he visits thanks to his work, he plays with scales and brilliantly brings to life these little toys he has been collecting for years.

It is in pop culture and the details of everyday life that he finds his inspiration and thus transforms an earthy soil into a Martian surface or a few sprigs of grass into a Jurassic jungle.

“My inspiration comes from everywhere. It can come from movies (I really like StarWars) or comics, but I also get a lot of inspiration from my personal story and emotions for photo ideas.

Using his imagination and his camera, Julien creates scenes that pay homage with humor and intelligence to his favorite movies or comics. Another opportunity to prove that photography allows us to see the world and the elements that surround us in another light.

“There’s a return to childhood with these stagings. Everyone immediately recognizes that it’s Lego and it brings back pleasant memories.”

This passion for toy photography is shared by many people, and Julien is even part of a collective called “Stuck In Plastic”, whose blog brings together the work of members from all over the world.

You can find Julien’s work on his website, and follow him on Instagram.

©Julien Ballester
©Julien Ballester
©Julien Ballester