Ryan McGinley | Dreamlike State

“Within my world of fantasy I am searching for moments that seem like reality.”-Ryan McGinley

America is known as “the land of the free”, however, the puritanical characteristic appears when it comes to nudity. Ryan McGinley has pushed these taboos and has built his career upon the skin of beautiful, liberated, naked, young people.

“When I first started making photographs I would shoot people nude occasionally and I was always just really into it and super fascinated by it. Just the idea of someone taking off their clothes is really exciting and also just watching the human body and studying it with a camera is just something that makes me smile and I think it’s really beautiful. All I know is that when I am shooting people nude it takes me to this other place. I am just so fascinated by the body,” he said

In his early career, McGinley took a cross-country road trip in a van full of models. The end product was a series of photos that were incredibly soft and surreal. Nudists in nature resembled punk-rockers in McGinley’s photos. Describing his approach he states, “within my world of fantasy I am searching for moments that seem like reality.” McGinley is a master of putting his viewers in a dream-like state, and his consistency rarely wavers. 

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