Ryan McGinley Presents Never-Before-Published Photographs

After producing iconic images of celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Beyonce, as well as being named GQ’s “Most Important Photographer in America” in 2014, it’s safe to say that New-York based photographer Ryan McGinley has solidified his place as of the most iconic American photographers today.

WeTransfer Studios, besides being a massive file-sharing site and application, has also ventured into sharing the stories of artists, designers, illustrators, and photographers featured on their wetransfer.com wallpapers, through “WeTransfer: This Works.”

Recently, the studio presented a new exhibition in collaboration with McGinley, curated by Kathy Ryan, director of photography at the New York Times Magazine. The project describes McGinley as a “restless creative force” and features fifteen new, never-before-seen photographs by McGinley, focused at the crossroads of the photographer’s work, history, upbringing, and unique perspectives on life. His photographs explore the nuances of landscape, travel, and community.

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