Rare images of the Vietnam War from the winning side

Photos by North Vietnamese photographers show the war like it’s never been seen.

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1965-1975 : Another Vietnam

During the war, rolls of films were very limited. People were constantly exposed to the threat of death. Photographers risked their lives to document the war, civilian life, resistance and troops on the Ho Chi Ming Trail. This article gives an interesting insight into what life hanging by a thread feels like. The raw beauty, danger, death and paradoxal liveliness of the people living at that time is breathtaking.

“The vast dark forest was my giant darkroom. In the morning I’d rinse the prints in a stream and then hang them from trees to dry. In the afternoon I’d cut them to size and do the captions. I’d wrap the prints and negatives in paper and put them in a plastic bag, which I kept close to my body. That way the photos would stay dry and could be easily found if I got killed.“