Octavi Serra’s Engaging Illusions

Graduated in product design, the Spanish artist and photographer Octavi Serra quickly moved away from this career to focus his creativity on more personal projects.

It is in public spaces that Octavi creates installations that defy logic. Each of his images questions aspects of modern life and highlights its frustrations, irony and contradictions. Everyday life and the street are his playgrounds: he adds optical illusions to his environment and thus creates a series of images challenging the status quo.

Octavi asks questions and sends messages by adding a simple element to an ordinary scene. He forces us to look at our environment differently by modifying our comfort zone.

“Creativity allows us to add possibilities to what is established.” Octavi Serra for Metal Magazine

Ecology, corruption, religion, social networks, narcissism, mass consumption… all subjects are covered. In an interview for Metal Magazine, Octavi warns: “I think we have been sold a basic model to live in the world and if we don’t make an effort to overcome it or change it, we can easily end up looking like automata.”

You can find Octavi Serra’s work on his website, Behance, and on Instagram.

Octavi Serra will be present at the Nuart Festival in September (Stavanger, Norway), as well as at ús barcelona in October.