Melissa Spitz photographed her bipolar mom

Between 2009 and 2016, Melissa Spitz captured the ups and downs of her manic-depressive mother.

“Everybody says one day or the other that their mom is crazy. I usually interrupt them to say “No, my mom is crazy”” Melissa Spitz knows what she is talking about. She lives in Brooklyn, grew up in Missouri, and is the artist behind You Have Nothing to Worry About, a photography project that talks about mental health and about her bipolar and drug-addicted mother.

Photography is like a second nature for Melissa “I took pictures all my life. My grandfather introduced me to photography when I was a kid.”

When her parents divorced, photography became her outlet. “All the things we think when we are kids like ‘everything is fine, everything is perfect’ flew into pieces. So I took the family camera to handle this situation. I was so angry”

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