Marilyn Monroe Lives

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most recognized faces of our time. Her grace, glamour, and unapologetic sexiness remains challenging to rival. With all due respect, The Kardashians can strive with all their might, they will never have the magic and charisma that Marilyn possessed.

Photographer Emily Berl moved from her native Washington DC to the land of dreams, Los Angeles. Upon her arrival, she felt enamored by being in a city filled to the brim with dream chasers. “As a place that attracts people chasing their dreams, Los Angeles fascinated me, and I began to search for a way to represent that idea visually. Soon, I started to notice the face of Marilyn Monroe everywhere: on T-shirts, murals, and in magazines. Her image was so ubiquitous that it blended into my everyday life. I began to think of Marilyn’s story as a symbol for this place: the promise and peril of the Hollywood Dream encapsulated in one life,” Berl explains to Lens Culture.

In Berl’s series, she traveled internationally to find women who were Marilyn look-alikes. They strived to capture Monroe’s magic, and through her spirit, they channeled their own sex appeal. The photos are respectful, never mocking, and are beautifully composed.

Berl says, “Despite the darkness her story exemplifies, she represents a place that inspires the imagination and offers a faraway glimmer of hope—generation after generation.”

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