London Youth Photographed by Ian Kenneth Bird

Composed of a series of studio portraits, Untitled Portraits, Ian Kenneth Bird‘s third book, is a continuation of the previous one:
After photographing the London skate scene in Don’t Know What I Want But I Want It Now, he brings some of the same faces to a neutral background, allowing them to be admired as some sort of sculpture.

©Ian Kenneth Bird

Casting and hairstyles are the main focus of this series. The hair was styled by Michael Harding, and Ian took care of the casting.

Casting has always been an essential step in all his work. He explains that when he doesn’t photograph his friends, he does street castings, and when it comes to choosing among professional models, he always tries to create coherence with his personal work.

©Ian Kenneth Bird

Untitled Portraits, is even more personal as the book is self-edited. As Ian explains, being able to present your work exactly as you want is particularly rewarding. The artist’s vision is complete and this makes the book an even more precious piece of art.

©Ian Kenneth Bird

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