Legends of Burlesque – Jane Hilton

They’re between 50 and 80 years old and all kept a touch of madness and their youth. They’re wearing their most beautiful costumes and proudly pose in front of Jane Hilton‘s camera.

They are not afraid of aging. Who said that burlesque dancers had to retire as young as models do? Every night, their shows at the Orleans Hotel of Las Vegas are sold out. It’s a place that is part of the Burlesque Hall of Fame convention.

” It was an incredible show, to see 80-year-old dancers still dancing and getting undress… Some of them needed assistance on stage but their performances were unique. One of the dancers added a magic trick with white doves to her number of striptease. It made me laugh. These beautiful women manage to keep performing even at 70 or 80 years old. I found that so inspiring. I was able to meet them and to take portraits after their performances. “

The show did not end there. A few months later, she was lucky enough to visit one of the dancers who wasn’t able to come to the convention of the Burlesque Hall Of Fame: Satan Angel (picture below) who is 70 years old and had a lot of anecdotes to tell on the time when she had dates with Clint Eastwood.

Today, she creates pretty pasties for the burlesque dancers. She is also known for her routine: she sets fire to her pasties and makes them spin until the fire goes out.

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Legends of Burlesque - Jane Hilton