Learn…How to Create a Dramatic Cinematic Style Portrait Using Photoshop Color Grading


“To lighten up the image, create a curves layer, make it brighter, and add a black layer mask (CMD/CNTRL+I to invert the layer mask). Call the layer Dodge, and paint with a white brush (because the mask is black) in the spots where you want to brighten up the image. Pick a brush with an opacity around 40% with and edge hardest of 0%“

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You are a cinema lover, and wonder how you could take photos whose atmosphere resemble that of a film? Wait no more, All the tips are given in this article!

Techniques regarding the shooting time (aperture, use of shadows…), time, space and context ideas, as well as post processing adjustments (photoshop)… It is all here! Your shots will seem straight out of a movie!