LAZY MOM: Fabulously Gross Food Art

Take a break from all the perfect NYTimes food photos and check out LAZY MOM

As Julia Child was expounding on food presentation she said, “it’s so beautifully arranged on the plate, you know someone’s fingers have been all over it.”

Child’s words give you the uneasy sense that every time you’ve eaten a delightfully presented meal, your food has been molested. This edgy creepiness embodies the work of LAZY MOM. LAZY MOM consists of two Columbia University graduates, Josie Keefe and Phyllis Ma. The pair make fabulously gross photos and GIFs of food in non-delicious settings. You have a jello-onion birthday cake, hot dogs traveling through holes in bread, and a pineapple acting as a money holder. Most photos have pastel colors and unappetizing, harsh lighting. Basically, LAZY MOM breaks all conventional rules of food photography, and we like it. 

Speaking about their creative process, Keefe expounds, “most of the images are really spontaneous, we’ll go to the grocery store and look for things that are pretty or have interesting textures, whatever’s striking, and just play with the objects until the landscape comes together. We’re playing with the idea that the way things taste and smell, but unlike food photography, we’re not trying to advertise the food. The idea is that yes, it’s a lettuce leaf, but it’s also a green, flat shape.”

To take a break from all the perfect NYTimes food photos, check out LAZY MOM’s site.

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