Just Not Kosher

Find inspiration in Rick Pushinsky's homage to his childhood Ashkenazi kitchen.

You don’t have to be a chef to make a cookbook. Photographer Rick Pushinsky and his father Steven Morris, who is an optician, prove this point with their book Just Not Kosher

Pushinsky is an editorial photographer who shoots for Vogue, The Sunday Times Style, and FT and decided to show the world his experience in the modern Ashkenazi family’s kitchen.

Morris says he has been making a mess in the kitchen for 60 years, and what better way to celebrate those family memories than with minimalist photography paired with recipes?

“The things you ate are such a big part of your childhood. I left home when I was 18, 22 years ago, and hadn’t really made any of this stuff. In writing the recipes down and working on them with my parents, I’ve ended up cooking them and they taste just same as they did when I was growing up,” explains Pushinky.

Pushinsky admits that the photos were difficult to pull off due to serious constraints, “They were a lot more time-consuming than I expected them to be. As with lots of things, you approach something with a visual idea but when you come in contact with the physical objects they don’t do what you imagined them to do. This is especially true with food because there’s so often a time limit.”

After the arduous work was done and Pushinsky shared his photos to his parents he claims, “My parents didn’t like most of them!”

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