Felines of Tokyo

As we near the end of 2016, cruising the web for cat photos is a sanity saver. Who can cast the first stone at the internet for its relentless love affair with cats? To repair our bruised souls after an arduous year, cats come to our rescue! Japanese photographer, Masayuki Oki, brings us the highest form of good will offerings- daily life of stray cats in Tokyo.

Their lackadaisical beauty has cast a spell on Oki and now he has focused all of his efforts in photography to document their daily lives.

Masayuki has been working on a series for a photo-book called busanyan. Busanyan, meaning “ugly cat”, is the endearing nickname Masayuki has for his subjects.  He captures the busanyan in their rawest forms- yawning, licking their paws, and the occasional cat battle. His goal is to travel throughout his country to capture “all of Japan’s lovely cats.” For now, he is working in Tokyo’s Shitamachi area and has over 60K followers on Instagram. His followers get an update on what the feline feeling is on the street on a daily basis. Looking forward to his new series in broader Japan!

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