Ruddy Roye: Revealing the Reflections of My Eyeball

Ruddy Roye has been characterized by his eleven-year-old son as a “black photographer who photographs black people.” This isn’t a description that fully describes Roye’s work- his photographs are of diverse subjects- but he says that he will take the title with honor. Another title that has been bestowed upon Roye is Time’s Instagram Photographer of 2016.

His feed is populated with more than 4,000 portraits of people Roye feels are the hurting invisible. Roye’s Instagram account has over 270K followers who receive hard-hitting portraits in their feed on a daily basis. He says, “There’s this guy around the corner every day. I would pass him every day. How come I’m the only one seeing him? So I started to use Instagram as a place where everybody would see him. This was a window where these folks would no longer be invisible.”

His inspiration for such a prolific Instagram feed comes from the desire to bring illumination to what being impoverished in America means. “I felt like I was hurting and I wanted to talk about my hurt. I started to look for stories that were my stories. It was easy to just sit down with somebody and talk about them being disenfranchised or being unable to feed their family. I found those stories to be real. They were my stories.”

His compassion and deep commitment to his subjects is what has caught the attention of TIME editors. Being a photographer with a conscience is something viewers crave in the time of “post-truth.”

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