Half Photographer, Half Architect: Nicky Hamilton 

It takes Nicky Hamilton three months to create one picture

Nicky Hamilton thought that the photography world was evolving too fast.
A few years ago, the photographer realized that the new technologies changed the face of this art,“The photography was changing, every person possessing a smartphone likes showing to the world anything they want to show, and the whole world is looking just by sliding their screens. “

Hamilton took inspiration from the antithesis of a photography that is more plentiful and faster- he decided to be as accurate and precise as possible. Four years ago, the photographer opened his studio, in which he spends his time producing images.
And Hamilton does not content with “just” taking pictures. He creates his sets from top to bottom and takes care of all the installations, by himself (!!!). 

“My process is slow and precise, it takes me approximately three months to produce a photo. Without counting the fact that I work alone, trying desperately to be the most real possible, at least concerning this personal exploit. First of all, I create the concept like a plan which I transfer then in a 3D file, a computer generated image on which I test the colors and different lightings.

Then, I build the set, I take care of the decoration and its dressing. The following stage is the lighting. I use a continuous lighting for a more film effect which remains natural. I take my photos with Hasselblad and, often, I use various exposures for one photography. I retouch and calibrate the images myself.”

Half Photographer, Half Architect: Nicky Hamilton