A Fragment of Photography – Chicago, 2009

A photographer tells the story behind one of his images

Then in full phase of wonder for photography, still “green” in my self-taught understanding of what Photography is (“photographic writing”, a term that remained mysterious for a long time for example). Feeling there’s something under there.

While it was hard to pierce the veil, this photo was a first key to understanding.

Chicago, March 2009. Cold, wind and bad weather alternating with fog. A time to stay warm. In the cosy comfort of the Sheraton hotel room where I was staying for a convention.

But an American city in all its gigantism and clean aesthetics, damn! The desire is too strong and it is at the bend of a block, that this tower is revealed, that I did not know, with its top getting lost in the fog. Fighting against the wind, making sure not to let the rain fall on the lens, I take this picture and then understand something become trivial with the years: photographing is done in any weather, at any time and everywhere.

– Maxime Favier

A Fragment of Photography - Chicago, 2009
©Maxime Favier

A Fragment of Photography - Chicago, 2009