Finding Light Within the Darkness: Andrea Bruce’s Photojournalism

Andrea Bruce’s career since 2003, when she began working as a photographer in Iraq, has been about revealing postwar societies through a unique perspective that is often unfamiliar to her fellow Americans. The photojournalist tackles difficult subjects, but reveals a light within the darkness of some of the most war-torn regions of the world. Bruce is also a member of NOOR, an international photo agency and foundation, whose photographers focus on capturing and understanding the most complicated global issues.

In “PHOTOGRAPHERS edit PHOTOGRAPHERS,” a series from The Washington Post’s photography section “In Sight,” Dutch photographer and fellow NOOR member Kadir van Lohuizen selects a set of images from Bruce’s work from mostly the Middle East since 2010.

In choosing from Bruce’s broad compendium, van Lohuizen says, “Andrea’s work stands out because of the tenderness and sensitivity in her images. She works often in very harsh conditions, covering conflicts like in Syria. What makes the work special is that she seems to enter private domains and is taking the time to listen and understand… When I edited Andrea’s work I really wanted to focus on the women she has photographed by giving us an insight into how much they care and often suffer, which is not what we often see.” When speaking on his selection to the Washington Post, van Lohuizen noted that this is what he values most in a female photojournalist’s voice.

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