Fat Positive Portraits

“I’m going to be highlighting and the parts of the bodies, I’m going to take pictures from underneath, I’m going to take pictures from the side, I’m gonna show the stretch marks,” declares Shoog McDaniel. Shoog is on the forefront of bringing fat bodies into the mainstream of portrait photography.

For instance, this article that I’m writing is based on an interview from Teen Vogue, an otherwise exclusively thin bodied, fashion magazine. There’s a shift in representation of different bodies, and it’s encouraging to see Vogue take a step towards celebrating diversity.

Cellulite, fat rolls, dimples, and stretch marks are things to be celebrated rather than airbrushed away from the photo. Shoog explains their draw to photographing fat bodies, “[I look at stuff] that’s definitely excluded in the mainstream. I typically like to look at close ups, like rolls and how those can be beautiful on a fat person as well. I feel like it’s a really cool thing when I go to take photos of other fat people to be able to help people feel beautiful in that way…I also take a lot of photos of queer folks when I’m out and about.”

Read the full article at: www.teenvogue.com