Fairytale Macro World by Polish Photographer Magda Wasiczek

My name is Magda Wasiczek, I am a flower & nature photographer based in Trzebinia, Poland. Photography to me is a tool of raising the awareness to the beauty of

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Magda Wasiczek is a Polish flower and nature photographer. She considers photography as a means to raise awareness of the wonders of nature.

She talks of the beauty she has learned to see in the smallest of things. Her fascination for the universe, and her desire not to take anything for granted, are very refreshing, and her pictures are a testimony of her optimist perception of the world.

Her intention is also to turn around the perception of people who view bugs and the world under their feet as undesirable.


At some point the spectator stops to wonder whether these are really photographs, or merely drawings. Could the world really be so marvelous without our being aware of it?

Discover this “idyllic paradise of fairy tales“, that resembles a trip through a child’s imagination or dream.