Eduardo Asenjo Matus – “The Sound of Silence”

Urban landscapes, movement, human flows running through the streets, these are some of the themes addressed in the work of young Chilean photographer Eduardo Asenjo Matus.

His series “The Sound of Silence” captures crowds in long exposure, while keeping a recognizable element, like a lifesaving island in the middle of a storm.

“The idea is just to focus on one person walking, I usually photograph the person who calls my attention to the group or people who walk at a different pace slower or faster than others, they stand out because of their speed.”

Eduardo transforms people into abstract patterns and creates a silent, poetic and monochrome chaos that could make his images look like paintings.

One way of being able to graph my movement in space and in the city is to always walk with my camera, since every moment is important.”

Eduardo works with a mirrorless camera and a neutral density filter, which allow him to combine street photography and long exposure.

His series has been exhibited in numerous galleries around the world and continues to be fuelled by Eduardo’s urban explorations.

You can follow the progress of his series on his instagram account and his website.

©Eduardo Asenjo Matus
©Eduardo Asenjo Matus
©Eduardo Asenjo Matus
©Eduardo Asenjo Matus

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