Daniel Arnold – “Odds & Ends”

by Pinery Films (Mika Altskan & Matvey Fiks)

This short film is an interesting exhibition that follows the efforts of Daniel Arnold to document people from different parts of New York City.
With interesting animations peppered throughout the film, Altskan and Fiks follow Daniel Arnold as he works in Williamsburg, the Diamond District, Chinatown, his home, Brighton Beach, and the Financial District. The evermoving words and drawings help highlight parts of the story and even catch a couple laughs.

Considering the film was recording on 16mm film one has to wonder how the animations were done. It also adds another layer of homage considering Arnold uses a film camera as well.

The short film does a great job of highlighting the differences between the districts and the inhabitants which gives the viewer, especially those who have never visited the city, an insight into the diversity of New York City.

As he bumps, weaves, sneaks, and runs through crowds and around boardwalks snapping pictures, the audience can truly see that he is enjoying himself. There are times when he almost gets caught and have to look away but still he keeps going. And it’s worth it. Some of his photos are spliced into the film and they looked amazing.

Daniel Arnold - “Odds & Ends”