Everything is Fine in America?

Last week’s article highlighted the gravitational pull of westerners to Japan and the insatiable curiosity Japanese culture sparks for the occident. This week we look at the European gaze on America, specifically the gaze of French photographer Cyril Abad.

Cyril was inspired by the author Douglas Kennedy who wrote In God’s Country: Travels in the Bible Belt, USA, and decided to head to the land of freedom of religion to see the show in person. His initial idea took a back burner once he arrived and started shooting on the scene, he heard the swan song of the American dream and wanted to capture its last grasps for air in photos. He explains, “ I was first focused in studying the religious communities in America (something I am still pursuing), but as I traveled, my goal shifted. With these images, my hope is to reveal the final moments of the American Dream through poetic (and sometimes comical) sketches made without special effects or actors. Using the language of street photography and showing the quotidian life in America, I wonder if this is the last performance, a desperate impulse before an ignoble end.”

The photos capture the great clichés of the USA and makes us wonder what happens after Americans wake up from the dream.

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