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“I first met Josh Swanson a few years ago during my second season deployed to McMurdo Station, Antarctica. It was my first time spending a winter isolated in the dark, while he was on his 8th (yes, you read that right). Now he has 16 Antarctic seasons under his belt (11 of them winters) and he still hasn’t lost his love for the seventh continent. Swanson is a staple in Antarctica, even having joined in on the most remote photowalk in the world. If you’ve seen the award-winning documentary “A Year On Ice,” his may already be a familiar face; he makes a cameo about halfway through the film.“

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This breathtaking article and photography series retraces Josh Swanson’s experience in Antartica over the 16 seasons he lived there. He spent 11 winters and 5 summers in this extraordinary place, over which he took incredible shots.

While he started off taking pictures with a disposable camera, he bought more elaborate equipment in 2015 during a trip to Minnesota. His learning how to shoot allowed him to present shots that resemble no other. Aurora borealis, the Milky Way, McMurdo station, scrap metal art sculptures and polar orbiting satellites all make up an out of this world series of photographs.

Through the article, one can also find photography tips and explanations.

Swanson’s patience, impeccable timing, know-how, knowledge of the region and of the adapted photography techniques for this part of the world are all ingredients to a mind-blowing set of work.

Looking at these truly makes us wonder whether the world we live in and the one Swanson has been exploring since 1999, are in fact the same ones.