A Didactic Photography Book For Aliens

In his photo book For the Aliens, Léo Berne repurposes his personal image archive to create a visual introduction to life on this planet. With reference images ranging from simple (a plane, the color green) to abstract (melancholy, death), this is a guide book to earth intended for those who’ve never been.

“I take pictures like a tourist. I collect, sometimes arrange, sometimes stage some moments of my personal life,” Berne says. “With time, the photographic image, by its concrete reality, takes over the abstract mental one, it consumes it.”

In For the Aliens, Berne takes this idea of photo-as-reality and runs with it, using his photos to build a record of what it feels like to be a person existing, right now, on this planet. The Paris-based photographer shot these images all over the world.

“In this book, I use 20 years of my personal photography to explain the earth to the aliens, somehow offering an intimate alternative to NASA’s formal message of the Golden Records sent to space in 1977,”

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A Didactic Photography Book For Aliens