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It is easy to be intrigued by Morocco. Just hearing the name alone invokes daydreams of blowing desert winds whipping over sand dunes, cities painted blue, and alleyways so dramatic, you feel like you took a step back in time.Before I visited, I wasn’t sure if this was what I woul

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Travel Resource Editor Michael Bonocore has traveled the world to capture exotic locations, and his experience in Morocco was nothing short of extraordinary. Star-filled skies and Saharan golden dunes, you fill us with envy…

This website presents “The Colorful Adventures Of Morocco” .

The photographer found himself overwhelmed by the sites, sounds and scents that the country provided. He talks of surreal experiences : being part of a camel caravan as they prodded over golden sand dunes, starting campfires as they settled into the sand, being greeted by a crystal clear Milky Way over the dunes…

The photographs, as much those taken during nighttime as those taken in broad daylight, transport us to another culture, another country; almost another world.