16-Year-Old Captures Delta IV Rocket Launch with Just a D3300 and Kit Lens

“John Kraus is just 16 years old, but already the young photographer is capturing amazing aerospace photos professionally”

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John Kraus proves to the world that age is not to be taken into account when it comes to taking good photographs. In this series, he captures amazing aerospace photos, and also proves…that gear many would scoff at, can be used to take amazing shots.


The young American man shoots for AmericaSpace and has been doing so for 6 months now. Thanks to this amazing opportunity, he gets to set up right next to where the rockets are launched.

These very recent shots show the Delta IV Heavy, the world’s highest capacity rocket.


He tells us of his experience, explaining the Florida weather is an even bigger issue than the power of the rockets.

He tells of his ‘teenage tips’ : using grocery plastic bags to protect his lens from water…sometimes the most simple of tricks are the best!


Share his experience in this interesting article that ends with his impression that his chest shook when the rocket was launched.